There are many ways to start an oil painting.
One is to use charcoal bar to draft (transfer to canvas according to the composition of small manuscript),Large Canvas Art Sale the line should be light, light, the position of the object can be drawn, basic form.
Charcoal lane should not be too thick and too black, and do not have to be painted light and dark, so as not to contaminate the canvas.
Then use the extremely rare oil color (with a kind of oil color, be like lake blue, group green, ocher, ripe brown,Great Big Canvas  wait, via much quantity turpentine diluent, do not call white), resemble watercolor drawing to plan the composition of charcoal draft is fixed.
Then wipe off the charcoal trail with a soft old cloth.
Another method is to use thin oil color directly on the canvas.
When you are learning, you should use light and thin oil in order to modify it.

Four, spread big tune
To lay a big tune is to start formally coloring, before the next stroke should be observed to the object again, analysis, the picture of the performance of preconception and planning, so that they are in a comprehensive view of the overall situation, feel sure and very want to paint the impulsive state, then you can write.
When laying major, should use bigger pen, color still should compare thin, use white as far as possible less, phase adjusts color sort to should not exceed 3 kinds commonly.
Start from the dark part and shadow (compare the different dark part and shadow, start from the deepest dark place), the color should be saturated, calm and tendentious.
Shop is big tone by feeling more, starting from the overall, want bold, let go of some, capture in specific sources, tonal, formed in the environment of the relationship to big color piece, can temporarily relax some of the details don't have to take into consideration, the canvas also don't have to be all covered, set aside some gaps between the color piece and color piece also just as well (which, unlike gouache, gouache covered).
Laying a big tune is an important foreshadowing for expressing the color relation of the whole object,Large Wall Art which is the basis for deep description.
If you find that some of the color blocks are not properly laid, use a knife to boldly scrape (or re-wipe with a cloth) and relay until you are satisfied.
Shop after the big tone, can retain the color, also can put large tone color relations in mind, and the picture color with knife again, the picture color, thin, leveling the vaguely left some traces, facilitate in-depth characterization, a local, a locally at one time, make the brush appears complete, vivid.
Spread a big tune to choose a more abundant time, can act on one's courage by feeling spread better.
When you are learning oil painting, you often think that oil painting is easy to modify, can be scratched with a knife, and can repeatedly cover the color, so you do not pay attention to learning and mastering the process of painting.
This view is very one-sided and harmful.
It is easier to modify and cover, which is certainly an advantage of the oil painting tools and materials, but it does not mean that you can change them randomly and add color to them continuously.
Experienced artists attach great importance to the process of painting.
The steps of painting, the sequence and method of coloring, and the composition and treatment of the painted muscles are closely combined.
Although some excellent works are divided into many times, the strokes on the painting are tightly connected and natural and smooth. The color layer is from thin to thick with distinct layers, giving people a sense of one breath. The picture is vivid, vivid and complete.
On the contrary, at the beginning, I did not pay attention to painting steps, and randomly piled colors on the canvas. With messy pens, I could not say that I could not build beautiful painting muscles, and often made the work impossible. The final effect was not good.
Therefore, pay attention to learning and mastering the steps of painting from the very beginning.
The following is a general sketch procedure suitable for beginning study.
Once you have the foundation, you can use it flexibly.
The painting step of oil painting, watercolor painting, there are many similarities, can see the site related to talk about watercolor painting sketch content, through the different types of painting mutual contrast, to deepen the understanding of the characteristics of each painting step.
First, observe the idea
Before sketching, we should observe the whole object and select a good position according to the initial feeling.
Then further observation is made at the selected position to analyze the tone, light-color relationship, body structure and emotional appeal of the whole object.
At the same time, envision the big effect of the future picture, in the imagination of the observation, want to show the image fixed down.
And from composition, modelling, color, composition of draw muscle to specific skill, step, good consideration and plan.
It is just like a composition that has not been written yet, but it is clear about the whole idea of the subject and the structure of the paragraph.
Through such observation, feeling, conception, brewing, to achieve a desire to try, want to immediately start painting the passion.
Do not rush to write without thinking and planning at the first sign of indifference or the slightest feeling.
This tends to be quick to draw, and quick to finish -- to draw for a while without sufficient thought, or to change over and over.
2. Small drawings in color
The small color manuscript mainly solves the composition, the combination of the big color block and the tonality problem, does not require the detailed description need not be drawn.
Therefore, the picture should be small to avoid drawing details.
Common still life, landscape and character portrait, do not exceed 32 open, usable canvas paper.
The first is to solve the composition problem.
If the foundation is poorer, can use pencil (or charcoal pen, pen) on sketchbook or other drawing paper to make the experiment of many small composition first, the picture can be smaller naturally, resemble matchbox, cigarette box size is ok.
Compare them and choose the best.
Then on the oil painting paper for small color.
Make small color on canvas directly, color (commonly used color such as lake blue, group green, ochre, ripe brown etc.) dilute by turpentine oil into thin oil color, draw the object's general position on the picture, confirm composition.


Each home has two important walls. They are the particular lounge room background wall and Black canvas arts can be hung!
Today what I want to introduce to you is one of two essential sitting room background wall space -- sitting room couch background wall.
Since become sitting room sofa establishing wall, that is the particular wall behind sitting room sofa of course, perform not ignore this walls.
Of course this wall is calculated more essential entirely decorate engineering, the particular grade interest that the sofa setting wall that will one side decorates appropriate can reflect house web host and family culture, therefore this sitting room establishing wall is more plus more valued by the particular person now rise.
Therefore how to design a unique and beautiful couch wall for oneself collocation?
Today small make upward for every person simple introduction sitting room sofa setting wall design and collocation!


One of the style and collocation of the particular sitting room background wall structure: measure the size :The initial step that wants adornment great one side setting wall structure is measured good dimensions of course, here not really only want to measure the particular dimension of setting wall structure, still must manage the particular size circumstance of couch and sitting room.
Great size is the way to choose decoration, perform you like paste or even hang?
Here small create up give a little little bit of opinion, if the particular TV wall of your sitting room and couch wall are close aside, can use adornment image or be the add on of hang type such as anaglyph picture, such impact comes out better.

Living room background wall ,Design of sitting room setting wall and tie-in 2: colour holds ,Sofa environment wall serves as part of sitting room adornment, essential colour is held should want the style colour collocation of whole seated room rises to let a person feel unified and consistent.
If the particular color difference is as well large or makes men and women look dazzling, it will eventually affect our senses and the daily emotions.
Small create up recommend everybody will not use brunet to secure as far as possible color, make use of such color to end up being able to make the particular person feels depressive and nervous, recommend to use white, shallow blue, shallow green, bright yellow a lot more.


 Sitting room setting wall structure design and tie-in 3: style holds :No matter a person door model size, because long as the style collocation of setting wall structure is proper can create an unusual effect.
If the sofa wall area of the sitting room will be bigger, as far as possible the particular style that provides setting wall design a mix build, prevent setting wall too as well drab, the large area couch setting wall of mix build style
is the particular bearing that can allow a person feel owner and bosom.
It is suggested that the history wall with large region can be divided plus shaped by using 2 or three different components to avoid the monotony from the background wall.


Sitting down room setting wall style and collocation of four: design collocation :Talk about pattern collocation, can think of all sorts of wallpaper wall cloth.
The particular owner that USES this particular sort of material to consider sofa setting wall is very much, because price performance is high, the second is choice diversity, still have is tie-in simple.
The most typical method is to opt for the wallpaper of pure color or the wall cloth that will has a little little decorative pattern design, would like to match with the particular color from the sitting area of course, after this is to
hang the lot of life in order to this wall photograph, ensure it is become the photograph that will is full of life breathing sofa setting wall, have got distinguishing feature already basic.


Black canvas arts .  The ultimate summary of the design and collocation of the sitting room background wall :Summary two points need to be paid attention to, the first is to remember that the particular design of the background walls must be matched with all the style of the complete living room;

The second is the particular dimension of sofa environment wall, notice had much better want to be within the both sides of setting wall is exact same width following the sand is usually given out.Last little make up say an instance again ha, if your own sitting room is not really pretty depth, but the particular space of setting wall structure is bigger again, may consider to knock away from a wall, associated with effect of a
low walls with cabinet or other thing, can let sitting down room have magnify therefore, if wall is the study behind had much better.




Will be certainly a crisp fall cool in the air, and we have been craving an mid-day in front of the fire here at Houzz. For those lucky enough to have a fireplace in these colder months, it can be tricky to let it be a focal point without ruling a space. For this project, Curtis Elmy and Trever Ciona of Environment Interior Design blurred the outlines of the bold black-and-white color scheme to create a room that centers around the fireplace without allowing it to take over.
The base floor of the house is a single great room, comprising kitchen, dining room and family room. The fireplace was built to separate the eating room and help make it more intimate.

For the fireplace, the customer wanted a material that wouldn't make the TELEVISION stand out. Elmy and Ciona found a grey and black polished marbled with a little of twinkle. The gray helps balance out the black-and-white and works flawlessly with the TV. Pops of yellow textiles add fun.
This particular house in Saskatchewan, Canada belongs to a couple with two small children. Much of the house is based on black, white and chrome, but designers Elmy and Ciona needed to make certain that there also were softer, nice shades mixed in the areas.
"This room is complex and contemporary, but still very child-friendly, " Elmy says. "The area rug provides a great play room, and the client can watch her children in the lounge room while she actually is cooking. inch Area area rug: Custom-cut carpet from Liz Claiborne
Coffee table: Herman Miller Noguchi Desk
Yellow-colored pillows: Thomas John
White-colored chairs: Barcelona chairs by Mies van de Rohe

The ultimate goal of home decoration is to live,so it is very important that the kitchen is well decorated.The kitchen is a functional place,but its aesthetics cannot be ignored.Let's take a look at a few kitchen special decoration Black Canvas Art cases together,maybe you will like one of them.

First,the cement and the white oak match the fresh and modern style
The kitchen in the photo is a combination of cement and wood-based materials.The bright color storage cabinet door panel is white oak wood.The floor is made of oak,which is not only refreshing,but also very compatible with the rest.Presents a well-regulated appearance.
Second,the white style of white and gray tiles
Presumably,many people think that the kitchen is to be arranged in white to have a clean feeling.This example is based on Black Canvas Art,and the gray tile is attached to the workbench to avoid the white feeling of excessive thinness and more fashionable.In addition,the gray tile has the effect of concealing dirt.
Third,Southern European blue tiles
In the white kitchen,with a few bright blues,it turns into a bright Southern European style.The method of tiling is not only cheap,but if you look tired of this color,you can also change the tiles only when it is modified.It is a pleasing kitchen layout method.
Fourth,the original wood kitchen suitable for organic life
The outside of the kitchen and the cabinet are made of the original wood,which is a simple and temperate kitchen.For those who are good at organic cuisine,the kitchen is best suited for this natural material.The workbench features artificial marble that is easy to maintain.
Fifth,wood × stainless steel combination into a cafe style
Although the outer side of the Nakajima kitchen is made of wood,you can show the style of the cafe as long as you have a large and eye-catching workbench on top.Excessive proportion of stainless steel will lead to loss of original taste.The recommended ratio is about wood 4 and stainless steel 6.
Sixth,Presenting European country style with bricks on the wall
The old bricks with different colors and shapes are attached to the wall,showing the European country style.To modify the kitchen,the tiling block is an easy to imitate and recommended method,but you can also use a simpler wall sticker or wallpaper