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It is not difficult for us to realize that walking through an empty corridor with two walls can be monotonous and tedious. Therefore, the principle of designing corridors is to avoid the sense of narrowness and dullness as far as possible. If the corridor is narrow, you may consider "using the wall as a mirror". It's a mirror mounted on one wall of the corridor. But this method is easy to give people a "vulgar" feeling, especially the use of brown glass. Or you can consider setting a wider colored glass mirror on the wall, surrounded by silver-white aluminum alloy bars framing, because the mirror glass is not landing, put some potted flowers at the foot of the mirror wall to foil, forming a top-down echo of the scene. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

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Some entrance corridors are graceful lines, and the door is facing a tall wall, making the whole corridor dark and stuffy, and once you enter the room, you feel depressed. What should I do? Designers can make bold "destruction" by removing the right wall of the corridor and installing a partition to "chisel the wall and borrow light". The partition should be creative, for example, from the entrance, which is suspected to be four glass latticed doors or a beautiful niche. The glass on the partition can be striped glass, stained glass, frosted glass, etc. The horizontal and vertical stripes deduce linear motion. The beautifully painted pictures show the delicate charm and the hazy reflection of frosted glass delicate mind. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

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Speaking of corridor decoration, we should mention the principle of "occupying the sky without occupying the land", because the beauty of corridor decoration is mainly reflected in wall decoration. On the walls of corridors, latex paint or wallpaper of the same color as the room can be used. If the two spaces of corridor communication are different in color, a row of glass door hangers can be made on the wall of one side of the corridor. This group of cabinets should not be too high. There should be a multi-story shelf in the interior. Some souvenirs, handicrafts and other things should be placed on the shelf. On the wall of the hanging cabinet, several decorative oil paintings with a suitable scale can be hung to make up for the deficiencies and add the quiet and elegant atmosphere of the corridor.